Maui Charter Project

a project of North Beach West Maui Benefit Fund


Document     Citation
Commission Correspondence of July 8, 1987 5 MCA 1
Commission Work Plan Documents of September 9, 1987 5 MCA 19
Commission Correspondence of October 14, 1987 5 MCA 68
Commission Minutes of December 02, 1987 5 MCA 73
Commission Minutes of December 03, 1987 5 MCA 75
Commission Final Report of February 19, 1988 5 MCA 108

* Citations refer to the first page of the document in the printed, bound volumes of the Maui Charter Archive available at the Hawaii Supreme Court Law Library, the Second Circuit Court Law Library, the William S. Richardson School of Law Library, and the Lahaina Public Library.

Charter Commission

Maui County Council

This is a project of

North Beach West Maui Benefit Fund
P O BOX 11329

Lance D. Collins, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
c/o Law Office of Lance D. Collins
Post Office Box 2154
Wailuku, HI 96793